The Bees & Botany behind Nepali Honey

The honeys of Nepal are varied and unique compared to the commercial world of honey. Nearly 100% of commercial beekeepers use Apis mellifera (the common European honey bee). In Nepal, most beekeepers follow suit; however, there is still tradition to harvest from other bee species, like Apis laboriosa or Apis cerana. With a diverse ecosystem of plants as well; the Nepal honey scene is a sweet & exciting spectrum.

I have been working with master beekeeper Ishwori Khatiwoda of Eco Bee Honey House in Sauraha, Chitwan, Nepal. He is part of a 15 member cooperative that supports each other through organic beekeeping activities and combined sales efforts. Combined they sell 7 different varieties of honey:

  • Jungle Flower Honey
  • Buckwheat Honey
  • Lychee Honey
  • Cerana Honey (from Apis cerana)
  • Mustard flower honey
  • Butter tree honey
  • Rock honey (a.k.a. “Mad Honey”)

I spent two weeks learning about beekeeping and royal jelly production with Ishwori and in return made these signs for his honey shop. I hope that they will help to inform visitors and create an appealing display for his unique honeys. These are the 7 honeys available at Eco Bee Honey House.

Second photo from Getty Images
Flower photo from Lychees Online


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