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About L.W.H.

Local Women's Handicrafts is a development organization that empowers, trains, and employs underprivileged Nepali women. These women may come from refugee camps, marginalized villages, or unjust working environments. Nasreen Sheikh, the founder and director of LWH, lived through the harsh reality of sweat shop labor in Kathmandu. She became the first woman in her village to escape forced marriage and then created LWH – a product company built on ethical management, using sustainable materials.

The pure intentions that set Nasreen on this path have allowed LWH to grow and expand, benefiting more women and reaching larger audiences. Their products are high-quality and handmade, using hemp, nettle, cotton, recycled saris, plus no-kill leather. Plant fibers are grown from seed to stalk, spun into fiber, then woven by hand. It is truly an incredible combination of processes and products that fight for women's rights and environmental sustainability.

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A Message from Molly :

I connected with LWH while visiting Nepal in May 2018. Stepping into their shop in Kathmandu, the positivity of the project seemed to radiate from their products. I was moved by the quality of the craftsmanship, the earth-friendly materials, and the noble mission behind it all. I spoke with Saheen – the bright & friendly face running the shop. She told me that she herself was benefited by the organization, which allowed her to learn English, embroidery skills, as well as business management. Hearing her story and learning about the many women that have benefited from LWH, my heart was warmed and I desired a way to support this beautiful initiative. Saheen suggested that we could work together and I could help to sell the products. I happily agreed and brought a range of their products back to the States. I'm so happy to bring their stories, their mission, and their amazing handicrafts to the other side of the world.

Are you interested in supporting LWH? Would you like LWH products at your event? Please contact Molly to inquire about purchasing or special events. Every item sold contributes to the fight for women's rights, fair-trade production, and an ethical world economy.

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