Molly is a teacher and a traveler, who’s experience spans western herbalism, beekeeping, product development, and handmade jewelry. Her most recent adventures have taken her to Ololosokwan- a small Maasai village on the edge of the Serengeti- to empower underprivileged women through beekeeping and the production of natural cosmetics. Past journeys include growing oyster mushrooms in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, growing cocoa and coffee in the Amazon Jungle, and establishing a grain-free muffin and cookie bakery in Rhode Island. Throughout her travels she also enjoys researching native plants, sampling local cuisines, and learning about natural health traditions all over the world.

Molly’s Experience – work & education

DadaABC; Shanghai, China
English ESL Teacher, January 2018-Present

  • Teach English as a second language to students in China, ages 4-15. Courses are online with video, audio, and a computerized lesson book.

Maasai Honey Ltd; Ololosokwan, Loliondo, Tanzania
Field Manager, June 2016-Present

  • Managed activities of a beekeeping, honey-processing, and cosmetics production business in the small Maasai village of Ololosokwan.
  • Conducted field research on beekeeping groups and honey production throughout the Ngorongoro district.
  • Developed recipes for candles, skin salves, lip-balm, and soap based on natural, locally available ingredients.
  • Trained Maasai women and company staff on food and cosmetics production, beekeeping methods and apiary maintenance.
  • Equipped staff with organization tools and quality assurance procedures for daily business operations.

Malaika Honey; Kampala, Uganda
Introduction to Beekeeping, April 9, 2017

  • Studied bee biology, apiary set-up and maintenance, the economics of beekeeping in East Africa, as well as beehive products and their health benefits.

East Africa Herbal Medicine with Guido Mase; Wasso Hospital, Tanzania April-May 2016

  • Treated hospital patients with phytotherapy  for improved nutrition, pain management, and recovery.
  • Researched local plants used in traditional medicine and created a reference guide for hospital staff.
  • Created 6 Swahili posters for display in the hospital, explaining how to harvest, prepare, and use local plants.

UNESCO Tanzania; Ololosokwan, Loliondo, Tanzania
Consultant, October 2015- March 2016

  • Researched product development  for Maasai women’s jewelry.
  • Trained Maasai women on beading, wire-working, and finishing skills.
  • Empowered students with resources and knowledge for continued production and sales of artwork.

Rhode Island Association of Naturopathic Physicians; Providence, Rhode Island
Volunteer & Advocate, November 2015- July 2016

  • Managed contacts, newsletters, and event promotion.
  • Converged with doctors and students in Washington D.C. to advocate for naturopathic legislation.

Rhode Island Hospital Office Services; Providence, Rhode Island
Layout Designer and Editor, March 2013 – October 2015

  • Designed forms and charts for recording medical information.
  • Created educational brochures, posters, and publications.

The Good Earth Organic Gardening Center; Hope, Rhode Island
Gardener & Event Planner April, 2012-November 2014

  • Worked with a team of gardeners to care for house plants, vegetables, and fruit trees, both in outdoor fields and greenhouses.
  • Coordinated five seasonal events, each including live music, food, vendors, demonstrations, and hundreds of attendees.

Hongos Arin; Arin, Cusco, Peru
Volunteer & Salesperson  April 2014- June 2014

  • Cultivated, maintained, and sold oyster mushrooms in the Cusco region of Peru.
  • Educated Peruvians on the culinary uses and nutiritional value of mushrooms.

Kinsa Cocha; Estrella, Peru
Field Volunteer  March 2014

  • Worked on a team to plant over 600 cacao trees in the Amazon Jungle.
  • Harvested and processed organic beans of both cacao and coffee.

Hotel Pisac Inca; Pisac, Cusco, Peru
Volunteer February 2014-March 2014

  • Taught beginner English language classes.
  • Designed and distributed promotional materials for the hotel.

Blue Bicycle Bakery; Providence, Rhode Island
Owner & Baker, February 2013 – January 2014

  • Established a wholesale, grain-free bakery that re-defined the nutritional value of muffins and cookies.

Farmacy Herbs; Providence, Rhode Island
Level 2 Herbal Intensive Series, May 2013 – October 2013

  • Gained in-depth knowledge of body systems and botanical medicine from naturopathic doctors, herbalists, and natural health practitioners.
  • Discussed laws, regulations, and scientific research relevant to herbalism and global health.
  • Level 1 Herbal Education & Training November 2012-February 2013
  • Learned how to extract medicinal plant constituents in water, alcohol, oil, and honey.
  • Prepared natural botanical products: salves, creams, teas, tinctures, first aid supplies, and cosmetics.

RI Beekeepers Association; Providence, Rhode Island
An Introduction to Beekeeping. January 2013-April 2013

  • Learned how to set-up commercial beehives and apiaries.
  • Studied colony maintenance procedures and the year-round beekeeping calendar.
  • Gained knowledge on diseases, pests, and other potential challenges of beekeeping.

Riverzedge Arts Project; Woonsocket, Rhode Island
Mobile Studios Instructor, September 2011 – December 2013

  • Taught art based after-school programs to children ages 6-10.
  • Engaged children in art projects that emphasized recycled and sustainable materials.

SKILLS Afterschool Program; Central Falls, Rhode Island
Teacher: Jewelry & Entrepreneurship, January 2012 – December 2012

  • Taught middle school students how to make and sell beaded jewelry.

Molly Hagan Designs; Providence, Rhode Island
Owner & Designer, June 2006 – September 2013

  • Founded a small business, making and selling handmade jewelry.
  • Taught jewelry classes to both children and adults.

B.A. Psychology
Minors in Visual Arts & Business Administration

Community Arts Advocates; Jamaica Plain, Massachussets
Intern, January 2009-May 2009

  • Created web pages for street performers and buskers, detailing arts related lawsuits.
  • Assisted in the planning and organizing of arts afterschool programs and Boston community events.


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