Earlier today I purchased a whole fish at the farmer’s market from The Local Catch. I decided to cook the scup whole! In my food processor I put 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds, a small bunch of cilantro, parsley, and scallions, 3 cloves garlic, salt and pepper to taste, as well as a few tablespoons of olive oil and the juice from 1/2 a lemon. I processed these ingredients into a paste then put it on the fish and baked it for about 30 minutes. I then squeezed the remainder of the lemon juice onto the scup.

I like pairing cilantro and parsley with seafood because these herbs contain constituents that bind with metals and move them out of the body. Selenium, present in variable amounts in seafood, also has this action.

Pumpkin seeds, organic lemon, organic garlic, local and naturally grown parsley, cilantro, and scallions.
Processed to a paste

The scup was delicious! A little tricky to separate from all the little bones, but for my first time I think I did just fine! It is a white fish with a mild, subtle flavor and went well with the spices. I also roasted some beets and summer squash with onions and thyme and sauteed some organic greens from The Good Earth Organic Gardening Center.

Beets, summer squash, braised greens, and local scup with spices

Before discarding the fish scraps I boiled the fish bones, head, and skin with some spices to make a nutritious broth. Will be a great addition to some miso soup later!


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