Levelling up!

Me and Mary Blue, owner of Farmacy Herbs
Me and Mary Blue, owner of Farmacy Herbs
Me and Mary Blue, owner of Farmacy Herbs

Last night was the last day of my Level 1 HEAT Class (Herbal Education and Training) at Farmacy Herbs! We each presented our final projects: an herb chart detailing 19 different herbs- their actions, body systems they support, where they grow, how they are prepared, their contraindications, and what they are used to treat.
We also had a delicious potluck! I thought it most appropriate to include some herbs in my dish so I made an herbal root stew with burdock root, parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, garlic, ginger, chick peas, nettles, and white sage!
I also received my certificate of completion for the Level 1 course!  I will definitely be continuing my herbal studies personally and I am hoping to further my studies at Farmacy Herbs this summer! If you are interested in learning about herbalism and herbal preparations, I highly recommend their courses! This summer they have both Level 1 HEAT class offerings as well as a summer intensive course for those with some herbal knowledge. The summer intensive is held on the Farmacy farm in West Greenwich and includes guest lectures from some really amazing and well-practiced herbalists! To learn more, read about their class offering on the Farmacy Herbs website.


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