A Vegetable with a Fruit’s Name

Watermelon Radish from Freedom Food Farm, cut down the middle

Every Saturday when I visit the Wintertime Farmer’s Market at the Hope Artiste Village, I like to pick up something that isn’t on my routine shopping list. This week, I got some beautiful (and delicious!) watermelon radishes from Freedom Food Farm.


Watermelon radishes taste very similar to red radishes, but slightly less bitter. I mixed them into a salad with lettuce, pea greens, parsley, avocado, carrots, and sunflower seeds. I topped it off with a lemon ginger dressing (Just lemon juice, olive oil, fresh minced ginger, sea salt, and pepper!). I strongly believe that visually appealing meals are more pleasing to the taste buds! This salad is a perfect example, both colorful and tasty!


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